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Flameless LED Candles That Are Great For Fall & Winter

I love to buy candles and use them as decor in my room and for creating ambiance, particularly during the fall and winter seasons.  Recently, my sister found these amazing Flameless LED Candles at Costco, it came in a set with 3 large vanilla scented wax pillars, 4 unscented wax votives, and 4 unscented tea lights. I guess they have these patented realistic wick that makes it look a lot like real candles.  The large wax pillars has a nice vanilla scent that's not too overpowering; it even flickers to mimic a real candle.   Great for creating a centerpiece, or for decor around the house, and the tea lights fit in standard tea light holders.  I think they are great to have for holiday parties, and for decorating pumpkins on Halloween.  It's extremely safe to use, and you don't have to worry about anyone knocking it over, that's a plus.  I'm sure there are other Flameless LED Candles out there, but these were very affordable, they cost about $20/set at Costco.  Love

Sephora Kiss Me Balm "03 Strawberry Fizz-Pink" & "05 Candy Apple-Red" Swatches

I recently bought these two Kiss Me Balm from Sephora.  They smell a bit like artificial candy flavors (not great, but not super awful).  The Kiss Me Balm glides on the lips easily, and it feels like you're wearing lip balm, but appears more like gloss. Depending on the condition of your lips, the color may appear smooth on your lips or uneven if your lips are chapped.  These two colors are very vibrant and pigmented, but the staying power is mediocre.  When I first applied it on, the color was really vibrant.  As I drank a bottle of iced tea, the color started to come off, but I guess that's pretty normal for most tinted lip balms.  At the end of the afternoon, my lips still had a little hint of color. It's affordable and cute, so I would still consider having it in your purse for a quick fix, or possibly getting it as gifts for others.  They are available at Sephora for $8 each. Here are the two colors that I've tried. Left: Candy Apple Red     Right: Straw

Beauty Finds That Won't Break The Bank - Physicians Formula Nude Wear : Glowing Nude Bronzer

Physicians Formula Glowing Nude Bronzer Shade: Light Bronzer 6236 Approx. Price: $14.00 First of all, I have to say that this bronzer has an extremely cute packaging for a drugstore product, and its quality is excellent.  On the reverse side of this box, there's a mirror for your convenience and a brush is also included. This bronzer has very fine translucent pigments and it gives your skin a natural looking glow.   Under certain lighting, I can see fine shimmers on my face, while other people were unable to detect it.  To achieve a natural-looking tan glow, I lightly apply the powder all over my face.   To accentuate and contour, I apply some over my cheekbones. It's definitely a great product to have, and it's a nice "one and done" product if I just need a quick natural glow.   I would give this product:

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