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Conair True Glow Thermal Paraffin Bath Moisturizing System For Healthy Skin Review

I finally have a small paraffin system to use at home!  I had no expectations for it, and to my surprise it worked out very well.  I ended up loving the Conair True Glow thermal paraffin system which only costs about $30.  I wouldn't say it's perfect, but good enough for the price and for my purpose. Pros: 1. It's affordable! You can shop online, and get this for as low as $27.00 2. It comes with one pound of aloe vera wax 3. Easy to use. 4. Not a very large unit, so it's fairly portable and easy to store. 5. It works!  It does moisturize my hands well :) Cons: 1. Unit might be too small if you have larger hands, might not work that well for men. 2. A bit too shallow, wish it was a bit deeper so that the wax can cover up to my wrists.     According to the box, it's great for your elbows and heels too, but I don't think that     could ever really work, unless you have really small feet (and hopefully you're not  

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