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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish Swatches

I liked it enough to go and buy more of these Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in several other colors.  Here are the swatches for them.  Note:  you can remove it with just a normal nail polish came off pretty easily:)

Beauty Finds That Won't Break The Bank - Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick By Kate Moss (111 Kiss of Life)

Okay, so this is not a new product, I think it came out in 2013. I do think it's really worth checking out, if you're in the market for some lipsticks that really won't break the bank. I bought this lipstick for about $6.50 at a local drugstore, and there are several colors to choose from. This Rimmel lipstick looks pretty cute for a drugstore lipstick, and it applies really smoothly on the lips; it's also extremely rich and pigmented in color. It's slightly scented as well, but I can't quite pinpoint what it really smells like (nothing awful though). I would buy more colors from them, but I'm currently still waiting for some lipstick purchases to come, so it's probably better for me to hold off for now.  I think I've been playing "catch up" with lipsticks lately...I've been trying to make up for all those years that I spent buying lip glosses instead :(   I'll have more lipstick swatches for you guys next time.   Rimmel Lond

Beauty Finds That Won't Break The Bank - Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish (New Product!)

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish Color: Rosey Riviter (180) & Top Coat (100) Approx. Price: $9.99 Each I was really excited about this product when I saw it at the store.  I love to get my nails done, whether it's getting it done professionally, or giving myself an at-home manicure. I've had my share of gel manicures, and I usually start out being really happy with it, until the color starts to chip.  Then my nails turn really ugly, and I can't stop myself from picking at it. Before I can get myself to the nail salon, most of the gel are already off, and my nails are super fragile :( When I saw this product on display at Walgreens, I decided to check it out.  It says, "No Light" or "Sans Lampe" all over the cap. It's a NO UV/LED gel nail polish that only requires the use of their miracle top coat.  It supposedly can last up to 14 days, and can be removed with your regular nail polish remover.  How can I walk a

Beauty Finds That Won't Break The Bank - Milani Infinite Liquid Eye Liner

Milani Infinite Liquid Eye Liner (up to 24hr wear)  Approx. Price: $6 I love the Milani Infinite Liquid Eye Liner.  My eyelids tend to be a bit more oily, so most liners, including the ones that are waterproof will still smudge a little bit by the end of the day.  Trust me, I've tried so many different eye liners, from Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen to Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, and even the best of them will still smudge a bit on my eyelids (I don't use eye primer). When I heard about the Milani eye liner, I decided to test it out for myself.  I have been using this product for three days now, and I will tell you that I love it!  Just like other liquid eye liner, the brush is a bit hard to control, but with a bit of practice it will get easier. What I love most about this eye liner is that it really doesn't budge after it dries on your eyelid. I can wear it from morning to late night, and it stays on and pretty much looks the same.  I had to use my fa

My New Series Of Blog Posts: "Beauty Finds That Won't Break The Bank"

Hi everyone! I'll be doing a series of blog posts called "Beauty Finds That Won't Break The Bank", which will basically feature products that I have recently discovered that are worth checking out for under $20!! Some of them you may have already discovered as well, but think of it as a reminder of all those wonderful products out there that you can buy without feeling overly guilty. <3

Where To Shop For Korean Cosmetics & Skin Care Products Online

I've been a big fan of Korean beauty products for a very long time, probably since my college days and who knows how long ago that was. Ha! For the longest time, I couldn't find any stores online or locally that sold a wide selection of Korean beauty products.  Now, I see a lot of online Korean beauty stores that ships worldwide directly from Korea, but of course some of them do come with a hefty shipping price.  Here are three sites that I've looked into, and they all have some pretty nice selection of products and brands.  Do confirm the shipping cost for yourself before making any purchase, and feel free to share other reliable sites that you've purchased from :)  You can go directly to these sites by clicking on the links below: Cosmetic Love: (I think this one might be my favorite site. They have a pretty good brand selections, and sometimes they have good sale prices.  I think currently you can get up to 20% off for

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