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Where To Shop For Korean Cosmetics & Skin Care Products Online

I've been a big fan of Korean beauty products for a very long time, probably since my college days and who knows how long ago that was. Ha!

For the longest time, I couldn't find any stores online or locally that sold a wide selection of Korean beauty products.  Now, I see a lot of online Korean beauty stores that ships worldwide directly from Korea, but of course some of them do come with a hefty shipping price.  Here are three sites that I've looked into, and they all have some pretty nice selection of products and brands.  Do confirm the shipping cost for yourself before making any purchase, and feel free to share other reliable sites that you've purchased from :) 

You can go directly to these sites by clicking on the links below:

Cosmetic Love:

(I think this one might be my favorite site. They have a pretty good brand selections, and sometimes they have good sale prices.  I think currently you can get up to 20% off for Etude House products! Free standard shipping worldwide, tracking cost extra $2.50. Expedited shipping cost $22.  Accepts paypal and credit cards)

Korea Depart:

(This site offers a wide range of products and brands in cosmetic, fashion, food, etc. They do ship worldwide, but I think the shipping cost depends on whether you are located in the Fixed Cost Zone or Tariff Shipping Zone, so shipping might be a bit more expensive. Products do go on sale as well.  Still worth checking out! Accepts paypal and credit cards) 


(This is also a pretty good site, but I feel like they don't have as many products compared to the two previous sites.  They offer free standard international shipping. Extra $2.50 for tracking.  If you purchase over $50, then it is free registered shipping with tracking. I think it's also $22 for expedited shipping, unless you make a purchase over $300. Accepts paypal and credit cards)


(This is an awesome site for purchasing Korean cosmetics if you like to try different Korean brands and products, or if merely like to receive a box of surprises.  I've purchased several boxes from them already, which I will do unboxing videos for when I receive them.  You can purchase different boxes based on themes or by the style that you're looking for.  It's a really fun way to shop...the only downside would be trying to stop yourself from buying more boxes once you get started.  Shipping per box is $6.99 standard, but sometimes there are value sets available.  Accepts paypal and credit cards.  I also have discount codes available for you in my "shopping deals" link above)


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