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Memebox Callabo x Vangabond Youth Unboxing!

It's been busy, busy, busy for me.  Sorry I took this long to unbox this Memebox Callabo x Vangabond Youth.  I loved everything in this box!!  There isn't one product in here that I thought I wouldn't use, so I'm really glad that I picked up this box.  This is seriously a very well thought out and put together box if you're into makeup products.

#1: good'p Madeca Cream 

Full Size Product: 20ml ($24)

Product Description: This is a pre-makeup skincare cream.  It absorbs fast and deep into the skin, and works to smooth out fine wrinkles as well as brighten up the overall complexion.

I used this cream before putting on my makeup, it works just like a primer.  According to the description, the ingredients are supposed to penetrate deep into your skin, just like a skincare product.  I'm not sure if it really has that type of benefits, but I'm pretty happy with the way it absorbs and prime my skin for a smoother makeup application.  

#2: Shara Shara Color Control Cream SPF 50+ PA+++ No. 2 Natural Beige 

Full Size Product: 40ml ($24)

Product Description: Balance out uneven skin tone and add extra radiance to your complexion. Can be used universally by all skin colors.  

I haven't used this CC cream yet, but I will eventually get to it.
Very cute packaging!

 #3: Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

 Full Size Product: 10ml ($7)

Product Description: A creamy-textured primer to be applied before eye makeup application to increase pigment adherence and lasting power.  Suitable for all skin types especially for sensitive skin.

Wow, this is a really good product.  I didn't expect too much from it, but it turned out to be one of my favorite item from Etude House.  Very inexpensive compared to some of the other eye primer out there.  A little goes on a long way with this product, and it does make my eye shadow stay in place a lot longer than usual.  Love it! 

 #4: ideeB Sweet Gelish Eyeliner

 03 Golden Brown

 Full Size Product: 3g ($9)

Product Description: Gel pencil formulas for precise pigmented application, inner rim linning, long-wear, contouring, and subtle to smoky looks.

I tried this one out on my arm, it goes on really smoothly, and the color is beautiful.  I like the texture of this gel liner a lot, and it seemed to stay put when I tried to wash it with water.  It's a good one!


#5: Color World Matte Eye Shadow Palette

Full Size Product: 8g ($36)

Product Description: A day-to-night palette with three neutral yet glamorous shades that blends beautifully and mimic the shimmering texture of sandy beaches.  Color World is a high-end brand sold only in department stores and this specific palette was designed as a special limited F/W collection for Memebox collaboration box.

As you can see, I've already been using this eye shadow palette quite a bit.  The color is beautiful and they blend very easily with a brush or with your finger.  It's pigmented and very versatile, you can play it soft for the day, and go smoky for a night out look.  Stays on surprisingly well, but I'm sure if it's because I use it with the Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer.   Love it!

Top: Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer,
then all 3 shades from Color World Matte Eye Shadow
Palette.  Eyeliner is from my Ipsy Oct Bag: Skone Tattooed Waterproof Eyeliner
Bottom: Etude House Tear Drop Liner in bronze gold.  
Left-Right: 1) Etude House Tear Drop Liner
2-4) Color World Matte Eye Shadow Palette

#6: Etude House Tear Drop Liner 

04 Bronze Gold

Full Size Product: 8g ($7)

Product Description: Add extra sparkling glitters just under your eyes "tear line" for a dewy eye makeup effect. Comes in three shades of glitters-white, pearl silver, and bronze gold.  

This is another great product from Etude House.  I was lucky enough to have received the bronze gold, which I think is a lot easier to wear than the other 2 colors.  It gives a an "oomph" to your eyes when used sparingly.  Love it! 

#7: Rivecowe Plenty Volume Mascara

Full Size Product: 10ml ($15)

Product Desription: Creating instant volume and curl with a unique formula that nourishes and strengthen your lashes.

Haven't tried this, I mainly swear by Maybelline Mascaras, but I do know a friend that might want to try this out.  So maybe she'll let me know if this is any good.  

#8: dearberry Toc Toc Blusher 

Peach Sorbet

Full Size Product: 5g ($9)

Product Description: Easy to use blusher creates a subdued color finish that creates a more 3 dimensional face shape for the look of a sharper jaw line and smaller-sized face.  Sebum-controlling powder absorbs sweat and oil for the look of a radiant glow.

Haven't used this yet, but I'm really looking foward to trying it out.  I doubt that it'll make my face look smaller, but the color is pretty and you apply it directly from the bottle without a brush, now that's good enough for me.

#9: Miss Age Essential Lip Rouge

01 Pure Red 

Full Size Product: 8.5ml ($17)

Product Description:  A rich, full-color lip in long lasting colors and shine.

I swatched this on my hand, the color does look pretty rich and vibrant.  But it also seems a little drying, which would probably never work on my lips.  It doesn't look like pure red to me, has a bit of a pink tone to it.


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