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It's Tea Time...

There are many health benefits to drinking tea, here are some of the main reasons why I like to drink them.

1) Tea contains antioxidants which helps maintain your body's defenses against free radicals.

2) Tea may reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke because it may prevent your arteries from getting clog.  

3) Tea (green tea) can increase your metabolism, by drinking a few cups a day it may help you burn additional calories.  

4) Tea has less caffeine than coffee, so if you need just a bit of a pick-me-up without over doing on the caffeine, drinking some tea might just do the trick.  

5) I personally think that tea tastes great!  There are so many different varieties of tea out there, you can always find something that can be enjoyed throughout the day or for winding down at night.
It's a pretty great stress reducer for me.  Have a sip of tea, relax your mind and body, and imagine all the problems going away :)

Here are some of the teas that I've been enjoying lately that I feel are great for aiding you through a stressful day or for relaxing your mind right before bedtime. Of course, these are my personal opinions, and they do seem to work for me, but it could also be psychological (I may feel a certain way, and therefore I think it works).

Yogi Tea is 100% natural.  Each tea has its own specific purpose and function.  I love how they have a different saying/quote on each tea bag.  As you drink the tea, you will also be inspired by the words and hopefully gain a piece of wisdom.

These are just a couple of the quotes that I've found on my tea
bag, you will have to drink them yourself to find the rest :)

Green Tea Goji Berry was the first one that I tried from Yogi Tea, it does contain a bit of caffeine from the green tea.  Goji berry are well known in Chinese Medicine for the support of the liver, the immune system, and for better circulations throughout the body. A blend of organic green teas is added to provide antioxidants for the body as well.  My favorite thing about this tea is that it smells extremely good and it tastes even better.  I love the fruitiness of this tea, but without being too overwhelming.    

Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy uses a blend of Organic Assam Black and Green Maté in combination with some herbs that are traditionally used to uplift the spirit to help you feel more positive. It combines lotus flower flavor with tangerine flavor and lemon myrtle to create a blend that smells and  tastes really good. Although the first sip did kind of remind me of a certain brand of flu medicine that I often take during the flu season, I still love the smell of tangerine in the tea.  

Woman's Moon Cycle is made with a combination of dong quai (often used in Chinese Medicine), chaste tree berry, and organic raspberry leaf, all of which have been known for centuries to address menstrual discomforts.  Chamomile is also added to this blend for relaxation of the body and mind.  This particular tea is made with the purpose to reduce menstrual discomforts on days leading into and during your menstrual cycle.  I think this particular blend is not the type of tea that you will like instantly; it's an acquired taste.   I didn't like the very first cup that I had, but after the second and third cup, the taste didn't bother me that much anymore.  It tastes like cinnamon mixed with dong guai, I wouldn't say it's the best tasting cup of tea that I've ever had, but it's not the worst. Sometimes I would drink a cup before bedtime, and it relaxes my mind and body.   

Celestial Seasonings' Sleepytime tea is also one of my favorite tea.  I normally can fall asleep pretty easily at night (knock on wood), but on days that are too hectic or stressful, I tend to have trouble sleeping at night. On those nights, I really do need the sleepytime tea to relax me before bedtime.  It seems to work for me, I like to drink it after dinner or an hour or two before bedtime, and that seems to relax my mind and body quite a bit.  I actually started dozing off in front of my computer one time, I felt pretty relaxed.    
I also like how they have a special quote on their box, and the tea bags are string-free and staple-free.  

I love most teas from Lupicia.  They are usually extremely fragrant and full of  flavors.  I received this on my birthday one year and I've loved it ever since.  It's a black tea, so it does have caffeine in it.  It tastes like a really flavorful cup of  black tea with a hint of vanilla.  I think anyone who loves to drink tea, can appreciate this one.  It's not made to aid any particular symptoms or ailments.  I don't know if it's really meant for a birthday or not, but I do think every birthday should be as delightful as this tea!

Enjoy a cup of tea, and let your mind feel free <3


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