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It's October!!

It's already October, what does this mean?  It means that Halloween is just around the corner, families will be gathering for Thanksgiving next month, and crazy steals and deals will be available on Black Friday & Cyber Monday, Christmas is roughly two and a half months away, but most importantly October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month!

This may not be a topic of choice for many people, but as a woman, I truly believe that it's important for all of us to spread the word and raise awareness about the importance of early detection of breast cancer. We all have women in our lives that are important to us, whether it's our mother, our sister(s), our friends, etc., and even ourselves.   Simply by encouraging anyone over 40 to take the initiative to consult with the doctor about when they should start getting mammogram, or by encouraging adult women of all ages including ourselves to perform breast self-exams at least once a month, we can be making a difference.   It's good to be aware of our own body and the changes that may occur, if you are ever faced with finding a lump or any changes in your breasts, don't be afraid! Call your doctor right away and take the initiative find out what it is.  I know it's easier said than done, but it's through knowledge and courage that we can protect ourselves and those we love.

You can make a difference not only by spreading the word about breast cancer awareness and early detection, but also by contributing to breast cancer research through donations to breast cancer awareness organizations.   You can also donate by simply buying products that either give 100% proceeds or even 10% proceeds back to breast cancer awareness.   I've listed  some of the products that I've heard about that will support breast cancer awareness.  You can buy these product(s) as a way to show your support, or even as a guiltless shopping spree for a good cause. I will continue to update this list throughout the month of October if I come across some more products. Do come back and check them out!  Maybe you can even start on your holidays shopping early this year :)

Take care of yourself and all those around you.  Stay healthy! <3

1) Tory Burch York Buckle Tote in pink.  2 sizes are available ($245, $295) 20% from the purchase of each of these exclusive bags will be donated to Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  (

2) Bobbi Brown Pretty Pink Ribbon Lip Gloss Collection (4 in a set) $60.  Bobbi Brown will donate $12 from each purchase to BCRF. (

3) Clinique Pink with a Purpose Long-Last Lipstick in color Power with Pink comes with a mini pouch $16.  Clinique will donate $3 from each purchase to BCRF.  (

4) La Mer The Hand Treatment (lotion) $45.  La Mer will dontate $10 from each purchase to BCRF.(

5) Donna Karen Cosmetics Cashmere Mist and Liquid Cashmere Rollerball Duo $45.  Donna Karen Cosmetics will donate 20% from each purchase to BCRF. (

6) Estee Lauder's exclusive collection-Evelyn Lauder and Elizabeth Hurley Dream Pink Collection (nail polish, lipstick, and a pouch) $29.50.  Estee Lauder will donate 20% from each purchase to BCRF. (

7)  Jane Iredale's Smell the Roses Hydration Spray is a calming rose-scented facial spritz made with organic Rose Damascena Flower Water $29.  100% of the profits from sales will be given to Living Beyond Breast Cancer, an organization that supports survivors.  (

8) will donate 100% of profits from their pink "Lissa" platform pump and "Bon Bon" bow clutch to Susan G. Komen of Orange County for the Cure ($39.95

9) Rag & Bone, Saks Fifth Avenue and cast members from SNL (Saturday Night Live) created the Key to the Cure tee, its a unisex style tee that gives 100% of profits to the Entertainment Industry Foundation's Women's Cancer Research fund. (


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